Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This post is to my wonderful friends and family who want me to update my blog. I'm sorry I've been neglectful. It has been survival mode at our house as we are adjusting the treatment plan and medications of one of our children. Having three with special needs makes for long days and often I crawl into bed when they do. It doesn't help that my husband must travel for work. So to catch everyone up here is our top 10 since Christmas.
1. We enjoyed/survived our 5 week Christmas break. It's long, but that means we had lots of fun things to do.
2. Mommy turned . . . wait for it. 40. Sigh.
3. Sam lost his first tooth and promptly lost his second within the week.
4. Levi started horse lessons with Cori and LOVES, LOVES, LOVES riding. Especially Ruby, who, according to Levi, has a smoother trot.
5. Ellie got to go to her Baptism Preview night with Mom and Dad. Special night! We are excited for the real thing in December. (Christy, want to come?)
6. Grace loves her preschool teachers and is learning all sorts of new words! Actual words. We have also learned that gum stimulates her talking. So we keep it on hand and scrape it out of carpet and other furniture.
7. Lia talks a mile a minute and has a boyfriend: Nick. He is Levi's respite worker and she thinks he belongs to her.
8. Mommy ran away to Charleston with her dear friend Michele for a week of relaxation. We ate, saw old houses, ate, went to a few plantations, ate, sat by the pool, ate . . . well you get the picture. When are we getting away again?
9. BJ proved he was the perfect husband while I was gone. The kids were alive, the laundry caught up and the house cleaned when I returned. I think he was showing me up a bit.
10. Occasionally we get an FHE in where all kids participate and not just by hitting each other.
All is well with us, I promise to be better!


Vonae said...

Cheryl- Thanks for the update. You are really busy. I think most moms can relate to not having enough time to do what THEY want to do. I'm jealous of your trip!

Beth said...

Cheryl! Yay, and update!!! It is so fun to see your kids sweet faces. And who is Grace? Seriously that girl has sprouted into a giant! I cannot believe how tall she looks. We miss you guys so much, and I am so happy to hear that you are hanging in there and life is good!