Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lia's Big Week

Lia's birthday is this Saturday and she will be 3! She is very excited and totally understands that this day is all about her. She knows that her day is Saturday, she'll be three and she gets presents. The most important part of course! She has chosen Strawberry ice cream, Strawberry Cake (see the theme?) and wants Pizza for dinner. Although today she said she didn't want dinner, just presents. Funny girl!

We just started dance lessons this last month. She loves it. She and Grace were together in Ballet and Jazz but Lia decided she liked the tumbling class across the hall better. So now she tumbles while Grace dances and both are so happy.

Lia waiting for her class to start.


Beth said...

Hey You! Look at that sweet girl! I miss co-op and seeing Lia and Grace! I can't believe she is three, I remember when you told us you were going to get Lia, it doesn't seem all that long ago! Miss you Cheryl! Colby has done awesome his first week of school, and we found the most awesome therapy place! I am going to be volunteering through them to do some hippotherapy in the near future! Love ya!

Vonae said...

Wow- I also can't believe that she is turning three. Last time we saw her she was just a little baby. Time goes by way to fast. I'm glad that she is so excited. It makes it fun. Lauren turned three in April. It's a fun age. Thanks for the update.