Thursday, December 24, 2009

Science Center

Here is proof my children cleaned!

Sam cleaning baseboards on the scooter board. Makes it fun and easier.

Levi does windows.

Even Grace and Lia got in the act.

Here was their reward:
We morphed their heads into gigantic brains! No, I took them to the Science Center. Aunt Carma gave them a family pass for Christmas last year and they have LOVED it. We go all we can and don't feel guilty if it is just for an hour or two, because we can come all we want to. They certainly had fun and it was a great reward for all their hard work.


Vonae said...

Oh- what a great reward! Good job. That is a good idea for a future Christmas present.

Quinn said...

A year's pass to the zoo is GREAT too. Wish we had a science center.

Sandy said...

What a great gift! I want to go!!! We'll have to go the next time we take the kids down there.