Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Vacation: Blinston Style

In order not to look back on 3 weeks of Christmas vacation with my children and say "what did we do?" we decided to get organized. We planned a list of all the fun things we want to do and all the chores/fixer-ups jobs that need to be done. We sat down on Sunday and planned our mornings for work and our afternoons/evenings for play (Dad isn't off this whole time so we have to work around his schedule!)

So this morning we washed walls, baseboards and windows in all 5 bedrooms (messy job). We vacuumed the ceiling fans (they run all year and look like it!) We sung Christmas carols and the Banana song (ask Aunt Chris to teach you this one) and laughed (okay we argued a bit too, I'm not June Cleaver after all). But everyone worked, had fun and the chores got done.

Then after a lunch and a 20 minute nap for mom, Ellie and Sam and I ran to the duck pond to feed the ducks.

We fed them thawed out peas, cut up grapes and some bread. We researched online first what ducks like and what is good for them. While bread won't technically kill them, too much of it could. So we went with some healthier suggestions out there as well. Like people, the ducks seemed to like the peas and grapes and but really dug the "junk food" i.e. white bread.

The kids climbed trees, practiced their cartwheels and laughed and laughed. This reminded me that I want to be THIS kind of mom more often. The one that takes time to take them to the park. We spent 3 hours just goofing off together and had a great time.

Levi unfortunately was home with an earache. We visited the doctor later and got this taken care of.

Later for FHE we tried to see the temple lights. Note to self, NEVER try to see the temple lights on a Monday, the week of Christmas, during a very popular performance. We couldn't even walk there were so many people. Complete failure, lots of fighting, and a boy who screamed with ear pain all the way home.

Day one of Christmas Vacation: almost a complete success.

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Quinn said...

You continue to inspire me in so many ways!