Sunday, October 19, 2008

African Festival

Every have one of those weekends you could relive over and over?

We had a crazy, fun weekend. We attended the fair and Friday night and enjoyed a few rides, petted the animals and of course ate the fair food. Yummy gyros with tatziki (no, I'm not sure how to spell it), Indian fry bread dripping with honey, corn dogs the size of Gracie's leg and other such greasy treats.

The kids loved it and no one threw up on a ride. Success in my book.

The next day we attended the African Festival in Glendale. Gracie loved the drums of the performers and danced along with them. We (of course) had to try the food too. The kids weren't sure about the plantains, but they loved the African donuts and the chicken.

The kids got their faces painted like animals (is spiderman an animal?).

Blue lips from shaved ice!
Ellie fell asleep in my bed for a two hour nap shortly after this happy photo was taken. Too much fun = tired, whiney kids.

Grace didn't get her face painted. She was too busy dancing and playing hide and seek with brother. Besides, we don't know if she can sit still. It's never been done yet.

I think this weekend was a 10 for family memories. I loved just hanging out with my kids and watching their faces get excited about each new adventure.

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