Thursday, October 16, 2008

Summer Memories

I live in Arizona. There is no ocean, no soft breezes, no surfers, no beach houses, no cooling off at the beach. Nope. It is pretty much as hot as hell.

This summer I got tired of the heat but my wallet said no California vacation just yet. So we headed for the mountains and a lake. I figured that was as close to "beach" as we were going to get. Well, there wasn't much beach, but it was one of the most magical days we had all summer.

No television = no SpongeBob.

No Playstation.

No whining "what can we do?"

It was simply magical. Lia sat on the blanket and played with her toys. Ate the occasional handful of dirt and sand. She enjoyed it.

Grace ran and dipped her toes in the water. Loved it.

Sam, Ellie and Levi declared the day fabulous and swam in the cool water.

Sam tried to convince boaters to take him for a ride (such a sweet-talker that one).

Hilary and Ellie lounged on the sand.

And of course no day at the lake would be complete without catcus ice cream (it is Arizona after all). I miss summer already.

How many days until school ends?

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