Sunday, December 21, 2008

Levi's Baptism

Levi is eight! Can you believe it? I still remember the phone call to come into LDSFS to read Sher's letter. I still remember my first sleepless night holding him, afraid to put him to bed in case I dreamed it; his first smile, his chubba cheeks, his deep chuckle, wow. I guess they really do grow up although I'm not that thrilled about it!

Levi's baptism was wonderful. He isn't scared of water--he's an Arizona rat and we all live in the water. It was a great day. Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Carma were here to see it and he was baptized with two of his best friends in the ward. Joseph and Caden are just as fun and crazy as Levi and just as excited that day. Yes, Levi is definitely tall for his age. Joseph has tall parents too, but Levi still tops him. People are always looking at how tall BJ and I are and commenting! I just smile. Thanks Sher for the height. Levi loves being tall and growing by the second. He compares himself to my "shrinking" height all the time and just smiles! Sigh. He'll pass me up by 12 for sure, maybe sooner.

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