Saturday, July 26, 2008

Learning Hair

Okay, I have 5 kids. Hair shouldn't be all that difficult by my 4th child, right? WRONG. Grace's hair is a totally different story. I attended a black hair care get together today where we did hair and shared tips. I loved it. I so needed this. Grace walked out looking fabulous. Her hair is shiny, detangled and even has cute puffs. It was harder and easier than I expected. Harder in that I need to take time, set her in a chair where she can't get away, and take more time getting her part straight. BELIEVE me, that is hard. Easier in that, when you have the right products and knowledge, I feel so much better about her hair and my confidence in doing it. Now I can go to the store and not cringe when an African American mom walks by with her daughters all in cute hairstyles. Knowledge is a great thing.

The picture above is before I learned. I'll track her down and put up a new one with SUCCESSFUL hair.

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shamers said...

Black hair care get together? Is another one coming soon? I'd love to get in on that!