Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's Fall

Welcome Fall. I love fall. It is my favorite season. I love hearing the football game on TV and thinking of my college days. I love the fall colors although we don't get those here in AZ. It is to %$#@^& hot. Sigh. I love to can. I know crazy. But I do. I used to think it was stupid. Now I kinda feel domestic goddess like as I blanch, peal, pit, stuff and get sticky. I love to be elbow deep in tomatoes and peaches; smell my yummy chili sauce I make (just like Grandma's) and send my husband to the store for the third trip to get a forgotten item (today it was more lids, then red peppers and fruit fresh, then lemon juice. Good thing he likes me.) I don't cook much on these days. I may make salsa from the tomatoes or a bowl of yummy peaches, but it's pretty much take out or fend for yourself. (okay I do feed the little two, but that's it!) I love canning with my mom and sister. It is so fun to shew the kids outside at the cold fall air comes in (okay again, not HERE, in Utah and Idaho), have the guys yelling at the game in the other room and chatting while we save all our homegrown produce. It's a bit magical. You should try it.

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Sandy said...

I definitely miss you guys the most around canning season. You're right - it's definitely a family time. :(