Saturday, July 26, 2008

Coming Home

Cheryl says that I should post to the blog, she's right of course and who am I to argue with her. So here is my first post. I believe anyone who works and comes home to the family experiences this.

Yesterday I was on a trip and got home around 7PM. I walked in the door and said "I'm Home!" Grace heard me first and comes running into the entry way and gives me a great big hug. She doesn't have many words yet, but she was a talking away and I know she was telling me about her day and how much she missed me.

Next I walked in and put dinner on the table (I usually pick up dinner when I come home from travel). I gave Cheryl a kiss (mandatory and if you don't do this you're in the dog house). Next I peeked into the toy room where the oldest three were watching TV and announced that I was home.

Levi and Sam didn't move, eyes glued to the TV. Ellie looked up at the sound I had made (I don't think she even really heard what I said) and comes running out and gives me a big hug.

Why do I share this? Because it one of the best times of day for me. I get to come home and my family immediately injects me with love. I know that what I did today mattered because they are safe, in our home and have missed me. What more could a dad/husband ask for? It's great to come home everyday and be blessed in this way. I always hope that coming home will be a grand experience and that I can treasure it this way. I know the kids won't be around forever (thank goodness, they do have lives to lead you know), so I cherish this time.

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