Friday, July 25, 2008

Temples, Alarms and Bunco

We've had a crazy week. We attended the temple on Saturday with many friends and family. Lia and Grace were sealed to us and we feel so blessed. Both added their "heavenly music" aka screaming and crying, to the event but you couldn't wipe the smile off my face. I felt so blessed to have 2 more beautiful girls added to our family.

This morning we all were startled by the house alarm going off. Levi forgot it was set, I was in the shower and the kids were freaking out since I couldn't get downstairs very fast. When security called, Ellie answered and they couldn't understand her. So much fun. It's a wonder the neighbors don't kick us out of the neighborhood with all the noise we bring.

I also hosted bunco last night. I love being with my friends and speaking in sentence more complicated than a simple command. It is good to laugh and talk with adults. I wouldn't trade my stay at home status for anything, but good conversation is a bit scare during the day. We had a "back to school" bunco night and had yummy food and prizeds to help us moms get ready for back to school. A long nap should have been one of the prizes, I need it.

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