Sunday, March 20, 2011

Horse Back Riding

Spring Break is here again and I refuse to leave the state because AZ is so beautiful this time of year. We always joke that if it were this nice year round, we wouldn't be able to afford to live here.

So last week we had lots of adventures, but one of the kids' favorites was horse back riding.

Grace and Ellie rode CITT, which I learned stands for Constantly in Terrible Trouble. Thinking about renaming one of my kids that name . . . . hmmm.

Sam and Lia rode Chewy, a sweet tempered girl. They both loved it.

And Levi rode Rubie, a VERY large Clydesdale horse that he adores. This is the horse he rode for lessons. Cori was very patient with 3 kids on horses in her ring (two very inexperienced kids) and they are begging to do it again. We'll see . . . .

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Beth said...

Miss those blue skys and beautiful weather, for sure! We are having some lovely weather here too right now though! I love spring!