Monday, July 27, 2009

First Day of School

Last night, the kids (three of them) laid out their clothes, said their prayers and got into bed excited for the first day of school. Like them, I went to bed with excited but with mixed emotions too. Sam starts kindergarten! Argh. My little baby boy leaves me to go to school. I'll miss him. We've had a great time at home giggling, playing, and watching Sponge Bob together.

It kinda goes like this: "mom, do you need a break?"

Me: "Sure, Sam, why?"

Sam: "Well, if you want to lay down and close your eyes, I could snuggle next to you and watch Sponge Bob."

Hmmm, I think. Either he is the sweetest boy in history thinking of a nap for his mom or the most devious in getting some extra sponge bob time while his sibling are in school and the little ones are napping. I'll go for both! He is pretty smart, but has a heart of gold to go with it.

So I would lay down, he would snuggle in right next to me, and I would close my eyes to the dulcet sounds of sponge Bob's laugh. Then at some point during my nap, I would get a kiss on the cheek and a pat on the back, just to make sure I was okay.

See why I'm going to miss him?

So the big day arrives at 4:00 am for me with the WORST migraine I have ever had (and I've had some lovely ones). After two migraine pills and losing my innards to the porcelain throne, BJ gets up with the kids and takes them to school. Now if it didn't hurt so bad to cry, I would have cried. My baby and two older kids had to get ready for the first day of school without mom. Not fair! But they got off safe and sound, happy and chattering a mile a minute to Dad about how excited they were.

As for me, I slept until noon, when someone finally took the knife out of my head and the dizzy out of my stomach. I did get to pick them up from school and hear all about the first day.

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Quinn said...

My 2 kids start back tomorrow. Jeffrey starts first grade on Saturday. (That's like kindergarten, since it is the first time he goes to school) I am SO sorry to hear what a rough day it was for you. Hope you don't get another one of those for a LONG time.