Thursday, June 4, 2009

Camp Beat the Heat

Camp Beat the Heat is about to begin. The kickoff is next Wednesday when the kids get out of school. I'm so excited. I've been planning and preparing all sorts of things and feel like a kid before Christmas. I LOVE being home in the summer with my kids. Yes, it is hard and they are loud and messy. But they are funny and sweet and we enjoy each others' company.

So far I've planned kickoff week, bug week, Seuss Week, and some of the things for our Utah trip. I only have 6 weeks to plan this year; vacation is short, but it will be fun filled!


Quinn said...

Tell me again when you are in Utah? It would be really cool to see you guys. I love your plans for the summer. We just have USA weeks 1-5 and then prepare to go back to school week. Ha ha.

Cheryl said...

Quinn, I am feeling bummed I only have 6 weeks this summer, I guess I could have only 5, I'll be grateful. I'll email you about the other.