Friday, December 30, 2016


A year ago BJ and I were out with Levi at lunch.  We were at a place that served fry sauce (hooray) and Levi tried it for the first time.  His comment: "I taste Mayonnaise"  This was after I explained what fry sauce was.  (insert rolling eyes and laughter)  BJ and I laughed about that for a while and decided that we needed to write down the Levi-isms he comes up with.

His latest over the Christmas Break:

While watching a Christmas Movie: "I must be an adult, this is making me cry."

And the last, while talking about the ducks at the live nativity: "Ducks lay eggs?"

Oh, how I love the funny things he says.  And he enjoys being the center of attention when we talk about them and they become family jokes.

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