Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Lia

So how did she get from this:

to this?

She was this little bundle of sweetness and yummy smells.

Now she is a confident, happy, outgoing girl.

So in keeping with tradition we are going to do Lia's favorites.

Favorite Color: Pink and Red
Favorite Food: "Carrots and Hot Dogs and Curly (?) Dogs and Pizza and that's all I want" She really did ask for hot dogs for her birthday dinner. She that's what were having.
Favorite Treat: Granola Bars (I have to say, just food, this girl loves to eat! Cheese, ice cream, carrots, whatever. She is not picky, she really just likes food!)
Favorite TV Show: Dora!
Favorite Movie: Strawberry Movie (I don't know either, I just go with the flow here.)
Favorite Activity: Karate (I am laughing! We have never done karate)
Favorite Friend: Holly, Grace (sister) and Sophie and Grace
Favorite Ice Cream: Cheerios Ice Cream (I didn't know they made this!)
Favorite Song: Raspberry Song. Me: "I've never heard that one." Lia: "It goes like this: Raspberries yummy, yum yum yum, Raspberries yummy, yum yum yum, sure been a hot day, I gonna eat some, I like raspberries, yum yum yum." (Impromptu song by Lia!)
What do you want to be when you grow up: "I want to be a Rock Star!!!" Well she did just make up the raspberry song!
What present do you want for your birthday? I want is a swimmer Barbie. Asking Mom, "What is it? Me: A mermaid? Lia: Yes, that!

Lia makes us laugh, that is for sure. She is the perfect last child to our family; she always happy and cheerful, she loves to help everyone, she makes us all laugh because of her sense of humor.

Lia, we love you!

More to come later with pictures of the "Flower Party" she wanted today.


shamers said...

happy birthday lia! can't wait til it's cooler and we can play together again. :)

Beth said...

I can't believe Lia is 4! Where does the time go...I always say it - but it just slips away from us! I am just beginning to understand what Pres. Monson said about how all too soon we will miss this stage of our lives. Brody started preschool today and so I just have Kel home with me and it is too quiet in this house! Miss you! I wish you were here to love on Kel too.