Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Day of School and a Cover-Up

I realized I hadn't posted the obligatory first day of school pictures.

Grace started first that morning at 7:45. This is her third year of pre-school at Cortina and she loves it. She has the best speech teacher for whom we are all grateful. Grace's speech is so much better this year. When she started at age 3 she could make a sound, either vowel or consonant but couldn't string sounds together. Miss Sarah (the famous speech teacher) knew Grace had it in her and set her goals high (with me seriously doubting such high goals). Ah . . . me of little faith. By the end of the year, Grace was not only stringing sounds together, we could understand words! Real words. Now Grace talks all the time (from not babbling at ALL as a baby, this is a big deal) and although we still can't understand every word, we can understand MOST of it. Thanks Miss Sarah, you rock!

The three oldest kids started school the same day, so excited about a new school.
Love the bunny ears guys!

With only small bumps in the road, the adjustment from the charter to the neighborhood school has been pretty smooth. The kids like their teachers and they are happy with their new friends. And I LOVE the commute. I can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can just send them on their way with bikes and scooters.

Now on to the cover-up. Levi decided a few years ago that he wanted to live in the woods, so I allowed him to draw and paint a Moose, a Bear and a hunter (along with a dozen trees and some stars) on the walls of his room.


This was fine until Ellie and he changed rooms. Lucky for me, Ellie is a patient girl and didn't make me paint over the animals right away. It has taken me a year . . . yeah she is REALLY patient. I would have had nightmares with the hunter and his knife on my wall, and this bear growing at me.

Once I get all the girly stuff on the walls, I'll take an after picture. But I had to document Levi's creativity, talent and skills. Those are some mad skills Levi!


Beth said...

No- did not make that cake! Yeah-those creative days are ummm- gone...time and a season, right? I love that you let Levi paint his walls! I let Colby paint on the walls- but only while I am painting so I can cover it right up :) I am thrilled that Grace is doing so good! Ugghhh! I miss you Cheryl! We are coming at Christmas...any chance I will get lucky enough that you are around? Miss ya!!

Vonae said...

You are such a loving, patient and nice mom to let your son paint on the walls. I wish I was that kind of mom. It would drive me nuts and would have to paint over them the same day it was put up. Good job letting him be creative.