Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter, and fun stuff

Okay, I didn't blog for three weeks and I've had a couple birth parents contact me about updates and how our kids are doing. I need to make up for those weeks and all the fun things we did so bear with me, this will be a long post.

Grace and neighbors waiting for the "Go" signal.

Easter! My fabulous neighbors put on their usual block Easter party with an egg hunt, bouncies, cotton candy, snow cones, potluck lunch with fried chicken (and my neighbor Kitty's rolls that she is FAMOUS around here for) and lots of talking and fun. I got to hunt with Grace this year and had so much fun watching her find her eggs. She was so excited about it.
Grandma and Grandpa were here and help Lia find her eggs. The ants got a few, but mostly the kids found them before the ants did.

Posing for the camera.

Ellie enjoying her second or third snow cone.

Candy, candy, candy.
Grace enjoying the cotton candy. The neighbors that manned the cotton candy and snow cones are two recently returned military guys. We are glad they are home safe. They both looked like cotton candy after they were done, that stuff gets everywhere!
Besides all the candy the Easter Bunny brought, he always brings new swim suits. Lia and Ellie show off their suits with Berkley, our neighborhood friend.

I know Sam and Levi were there, although Levi announced this year he is too old to hunt for eggs. At least he is too old when his friends can see him participating. That didn't seem to stop him in the privacy of his own home. Sam was too busy bouncing and running with friends to sit still for a picture. The amount of sugar that day was amazing.

Swimming in now in full swings since we have gotten the temperature up. We've had a couple of 100 degree days already (yuck). Lia and Grace took their first round of swim lessons and had such a great time.
Lia and Grace with their class and two teachers.

Lia getting ready to jump to Miss Marci! She is fearless and totally loves the pool.

Lia swimming to the side. Yes, Miss Marci does let go and let her swim all by herself!
What a big girl.

Grace was too fast of a jumper for me to get a picture of her.
I had to catch her after her jump.

Levi has been enjoying using his reading time to read to Lia and Grace. Lia does well with a book or two then decides things are getting a little boring. This is what happened one afternoon after a long session of reading. Maybe the view was better from up there.
Read 'em Cowboy.

Sam was in church the other day waiting for Junior Primary to end so he could go in. I guess he had been well behaved that day because one of his teacher's asked him: "Sam, why are you such a good boy." Sam answered: "Because they give me a pill for that." All the teachers had to turn away to keep their laughter from showing. Ah, Sam. You truly make us laugh.

And lest you think our life is sweetness and roses all the time, let me leave you with a reality check of shopping with two toddlers. Walmart + no nap = fun for Mom.

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Beth said...

Cheryl! I am in love with your post! Seriously keepin it real girl! Between Sam's comment and the last picture I am literally rolling in laughter (thanks to that prego belly), it's just too bad I can't get off the floor now! I cannot believe how much your kiddos have grown. Levi, doesn't surprise me as much as Grace and Leah! Those girls have sprouted some serious legs! And Sam? Oh my, what a cutie! Callie is just blossoming. Miss ya!