Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Joy of Living in Arizona

It's official. Yes, that is the number 99 on my car thermometer. It hit 100 just a few minutes later but I was busy with kids and driving. You'll just have to trust me. What an April Fool's joke Mother Nature pulled on us Arizonians. Oh well. If it were balmy and 80 degrees, everyone would live here, not just the tough.

Since it is General Conference today, I made packets for each child to cut, color, write and generally keep quiet so BJ and I can listen to conference. It worked, but it also brought some funny moments. Here they are dressed in the Armor of God! Go Blinston Warriors.
Ellie's got the fierce look down! I'd run if I were the enemy.
Side note, they are currently preparing for a battle royal in the back yard complete with marshmallow stones for their slingshots. I'll let you know if it turns out like Helaman's Army or whether there are causalities.

When we left Utah 7 years ago, I had just completed my Master Gardener certification. So after 7 long years of pouting about the climate differences, I've decided to try gardening in AZ. Here is our first attempt.
I found out I have a fellow gardening lover; I don't know if he likes the gardening and growing or just playing in the dirt.

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Beth said...

I love it!!! We tried the packets today too, and a small miracle occurred at our house as well, I did get to listen to the entire morning session!!! Yipee! The afternoon? Well, that will have to wait for this evening and probably nap time tomorrow too, but I am happy! I didn't know you were a Master Gardener, that is awesome. I love it too! I miss my little garden box. The kids loved to watch everything grow, and were so much more inclined to try new things, just because they grew it! Love ya Cheryl!