Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween: Check. Thanksgiving, Get Ready

Halloween was a huge success last night. We started at 3:30 to get make up on and hair styles ready. It took until 4:50 when we rushed out the door to get our photos taken by Ellie's best-friends mom, Lisa. Kids posed, strutted, pretended but didn't hold still. Halloween is too magical, too exciting, to crazy for any holding still. (I'll post the pics later). We got back in the car and headed over to Liz's home, my kids local adopted Grandma. She oohed an ahhed appropriately and we were off again. This time headed home for the traditional block party.

Have I mentioned before we live on the best block in the world.

We had pizza and potluck goodies, sweet and savory. Lots of candy and all the adults and children hang out and have a fabulous time. We went trick or treating in mass with about 10 kids and five adults.

Grace HAD to pull the wagon that she and Lia were supposed to ride in. However, no one could ride in it. So Grace used it as her personal candy holder and refused rides to all. So mom and dad took turns carrying Lia, and slowing Grace down from plowing over anyone in her and her wagon's path. Sorry again all our friends for your smushed toes and banged shins. Grace isn't large, but she is IN CHARGE.


Quinn said...

Can't wait for the pictures! That reminded me that we went to a Halloween block party last year at a friends when I was in America. Actually a perfect time to have a block party. On second thought though - it is so freaking freezing here by Halloween, the thought of anything outside sends shivers up my spine.

Vonae said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I also can't wait to see your cute kids in their costumes.