Monday, October 13, 2008

Staples: Not the Easy Button

So Levi's school called the other day . . . yes, wait for the other shoe to drop. It always does.

"Levi fell and cut his head. He might need stitches." School secretary.

They were so calm about it, so I quietly responded: "Okay, I'll be right there."

Thinking of course of a small cut that might or might not need stitches. So I got the babies up from their 5 minute nap. Happy, happy babies. I got Sam back in the car after a morning of errands. Happy happy Sam. Now I hurried, but didn't "rush" to the school. When I finally got to the school, there was blood everywhere and my son was still softly crying. Happy, happy Mommie! A "little cut" my foot. His shirt was totally bloodstained (side note: a brand new WHITE shirt, sigh), his hair was matted with blood, and he was sad and crying.

So off to the hospital, and Dad meets us there. Mom with 4 kids in the hospital = not a good time. Levi wants BJ to take him in and hold his hand so off Mom goes, a little teary eyed that her son wants Daddy more when he is hurt.

BJ called me later and said they would be putting staples in his head! I was then GRATEFUL I didn't stay. I may have passed out.

Levi came home from the hospital with a bandage around his head; I told him he looked like a Nephite warrior and that was pretty cool.

We weren't sure how many staples they had put in because it was all covered up. The next morning we removed the bandages and counted: 10 staples! Gross and OUCH. He was a trooper and didn't cry at the hospital at all. He got 10 staples, two days off school and lots of sympathy from friends. He thinks it was all pretty cool after the pain went away.

I'm just glad he's okay. The next time the school calls, I'll be running to pick up Levi.


Steph said...

Ouch! I almost fainted when Kyle had to get 5 stitches on his forehead! Does he have to go back to have them removed?

Cheryl said...

Yes. We had them out on Wednesday, and I DID almost pass out. They bled a bit but he was a trooper. Of course the mention of school made him cry again, so he got another day at home with mom. SUCKER is written on my forehead; or is it SOFTY?