Friday, September 19, 2008

Blessed by the Little Things

Lately I have been trying to take more time for the little things in my life. For example two of my favorite little things are Lia and Gracie. Each day when they wake from their naps, the just want to be with me. Often I am in a rush to get the house ready for kids to come home from school, get dinner ready so I can be more prepared and get myself ready for the onslaught of noise and chaos that comes when the kids come home from school. (There is a reason I call it the witching hour, because sometimes I turn into one!) So instead of rushing around today to "get ready" I just sat. I pulled both girls on my lap with their bottles and sippy cups and just snuggled. It was great.

I actually got to enjoy Lia's after nap hair.

Look at that beautiful smile. Who could resist the chubby cheeks, messy hair and smile! Not me, not today. And Gracie! This is the smile I got when I cuddled with her.

I guess some would say that smiles are little things.

Just don't tell my heart that, it won't believe you.

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